Geometry Nodes - Instances/Points in Viewport Don't Match the Render Output

Notice the trees on either side of the mountain aren’t the same in the viewport as the render. Restarting Blender didn’t solve this. I don’t know much about using geometry nodes so maybe I’m doing something wrong. What’s going on?

had similar problem right now with the new Alpha trees addon 2.0
that is also uses geometry nodes.
the developer Andrew Stevenson told and helped me

that was the answer:

Hmm, it looks like the seed changes when rendering.
Do you have any modifiers or something that could change the base geometry of the landscape for the final render? That could cause the particles to be recalculated during rendering…

maybe it’s the same for you.

Yep! This was the problem, subsurf modifier was set to 1 in the viewport, 2 in the render.

Thank you!