Geometry nodes questions?

Hello all. Geometry nodes are cool but very complex topic at least for my brain. So, please bear with me. :slight_smile:
I have two separate questions:

  1. I want to emulate some kind of particle system inside geometry nodes, so I followed some youtube tutorial and managed to create something bearable. “Particles” or instances are flowing slowly at random direction, tho I wanted them to move at z axis faster so whole flow of particles should move mostly in z axis with some little variations by y-x axes. What should I change in my node group to achieve that effect.

  2. I’ve made simple emissive material and put it in geometry nodes. It worked. But what I need each particle to have random color or better range of color like in color ramp, so I could add new colors and place it where I need to affect random instances?

My geometry node group is looking like this

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

for 1 - increase the multiplier on your second scene time node:

for 2 - try these shader nodes:


Thank you for reply. Object info node is working great! Also I’ve added map range node and plugged random output from object info node to get random emission strengths for each instance! Cool.

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