Geometry Nodes, simple Point distribution jumping on animated deformed object


I am beginner at Blender geometry nodes. I tried simple point distribution on a surface deformed by Wave modifier.

What I noticed, that Point Distribute is randomly throwing the points around depending on surface deformation.

I would like distributed objects to “stick” to the surface… Is that currently possible with Geometry Nodes?

Here is a link to the animation:

Is that for an animation? I could find a solution for that but I believe it’s not going to work on animations.

Yes, animation test. I believe, it’s something that needs to be implemented in Geometry Nodes yet.
Point Distribution has no options for this, as for now. It should include scattering on faces, vertexes, etc…

The algorithm is there, as when I choose to do it via Particles/Hair with Regrow set to ON, it works perfectly. I would like to start using nodes more tho.

Looks like I’ve answered my own question, anyway, If anyone knows a workaround for this, I would be glad to hear…

Cheers Everyone