Geometry nodes taking up all my memory and swap memory

Hello, i just started to use geometry nodes to scatter objects but i’m facing a memory problem where my machine is veryyyyy slow, and when i try to render in cycles with a low resolution below 1024 px.When i open task manager my process indicator shows 100% memory, disk 100% and gpu 100% a the same time. I insanced my colection (which is a tree with leafes), i cannot pinpoint what causes the problem…

Kinda hard to know exactly the problem when we don’t have any screenshots or any system specs to work with.

if you can take some screenshots of your nodes setup and some system specs then that would be awesome :grinning:

how do i do that, in blender artist i tried but did not see any image upload icon…btw can i share my .blend file i think you could do much more than screenshots,IMHO.