Geometry Nodes

I worked it out. I needed to add an Instance on Points for each wall and rotate the block to the correct angle. Then I joined geometries. I copied the whole block of nodes for the side walls.
To get the side walls to move when I scale the grid I used a divide by 2 and add 1 node on one side wall the other wall I only needed to add the divide by 2 node. Works pretty good. I am going to make a better block for the building.
If anyone knows of a better way in 3.0 beta Please let me know. I am a total noob with geometry nodes. I just got used to material nodes.

Hey guys, is it possible to give attribute to instances without making them real ?

Hi @Tolkfan , typically I create and assign values to custom attributes with python API. I hope that they add some tools for value assignment in 3.1.

To answer your second question, I posted similar one at and got this answer


Is it possible to parent the camera to an instance (or otherwise output the transforms that the camera is supposed to follow) with Geometry Nodes?

Edit: if I have a section of mesh that is preassigned to a vertex group, and then use a “copy transforms” constraint on the camera assigned to that vertex group, the camera will follow the section of mesh, so there’s one solution. [Edit 2: almost: the camera’s local z-rotation is not affected!] But is there a way to do away with the preexisting mesh section and vertex group? [And get the rotation working properly?]

Edit 3 [last]: “Make vertex parent” does get the rotation right, so that’ll probably have to do.

Nope :frowning_face:. Attributes are technically part of the geometry.

I don’t know if this may be possible in the future though. If instance itself was a domain, and could store more than name, location, rotation, and scale, we would have the ability to set attributes on them.

I’ve heard rumors and discussions on instance attributes, but no official confirmation yet.

Hans has made the bounding box work per-instance, but the min and max output nothing. This will only be useful if there are attributes to store these values on.

Here is design task and first patch to add instances attributes support


oh that’s great to hear !

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what ever happened with that accumulate values node?

in 2021 we still can`t work with modifiers on curve? so many shame for developers

So many shame? Really? Such entitlement isn’t the kind of attitude we need on this thread please. Be grateful for their hardwork and effort. And if you find something lacking that no one is doing you can do it yourself. It’s open source anyway!


I was talking about normal domain attributes (vertex, face, edge). Instance domain attributes would be great, but that depends on @razin’s use case.

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How about shame on you for your plainly disrespectful wording. A minimum of politeness on the internet is not too much to ask for.

greetings, Kologe



you just join the community few months ago. Here there is no shame to share and offer constructive stuffs. If you want to add fonctionality that are not in blender, code it, share it, or eventually sell it.
You cannot talk like that about people who try to change the world in a positive manner.
shame on you.

Hi everyone. Does anyone know if the below action is possible with geonodes? the idea just came up as a potential solution to a problem I have been struggling with for weeks. here’s a description of what I want to do:

  • So with the Capture Attribute node I can store attributes and use them much later even after converting the geometry to other types (say curve to points)
  • I will like to offset this captured attribute along its index. For example, Imagine I have a curve with 3 points right. then I capture the Curve Parameter such that point 1 has a parameter of 0, point 2 has a parameter of 0.7 and point 3 has a parameter of 1.0. Now I will like to move the captured curve parameter on each point to the next/previous point index such that point 1 now has a parameter of 0.7, point 2 parameter is 1.0 and point 3 parameter becomes 0.0 (at the end where there’s no attribute to offset it becomes cyclic and picks the first point index)

Is this possible? Does my description make sense? If not let me know and I’ll make a proper descriptive image or video showing what I’m trying to achieve.

Then go buy (well… or subscribe for monthly payments, probably) any 3d packet that have all you want, easy. There is a plenty of choice, If you feel something missing ))

shame on peoples putting their overhighed expectations on free software

Not sure if this is want you want but if you put two nodes like this (Add and Modulo)…

… you can change the value on the Add node and everything will be still between 0 and 1 (you are only shifting their values without changing the distance between them, look at the spreadsheet on each image).


Interesting, that is a problem. I guess we just need the realize instances node to transfer all original attributes, not just position.

Hi, this should work : geonodes_transfer_shift_index.blend (883.3 KB)
With fields you have to shift the index when you actually use it because that’s the moment the field is computed/known. Outside of that it has no existence, it is not stored on the mesh in the same way as old attributes.


Woa! you sir are a genius. many thanks. This is exactly what I needed.

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