Geometry Nodes

I don’t use Steam as I am on Linux… As mib2berlin mention in his post, the script from GitHub works great to maintain Blender versions… Make sure you run Python 3… that should solve your need for updating Blender… Also you can follow the developers meetings where they are discussions on GN design and code… There is also Stack Exchange where you can ask very technical questions… There is for technical and artists… Depending on your need these should be good sources of info…

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This is probably asked before. But I can’t find the information. Do geometry nodes have drop down list in modifier properties panel? Mainly for selection insted of 0,1 boolean values? Is it even planned if it’s not implemented?

What is shown in Modifier properties depends on what was set in Group Input an Group Output nodes properties as input type.
But for Float, Boolean, Vector, Integer, Color types, you can press button in Modifier properties, next to value field to obtain a drop down list.

Maybe I didn’t post the question clearly. I basically want to have multiple boolean switch values in one list. I cannot find the way to isolate the values to those that I want. Example two to just have true or false in a drop down list. Or to have a switch between sphere, box and circle and not to get well this:

Not exactly what you are asking for, but this is an alternative. No drop down list but you can select between up to 12 different geometry inputs using an integer input.

12 Geometry Switch.blend (1.4 MB)

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Just a note folks: let’s keep this thread about the development of Geometry Nodes. If you’re posting artwork with GN, even tests, use the #artwork categories. If you’re looking for help, use the #support categories.

In either case, use the #geometry-nodes tag when you post so folks know that your post involves GN.

And if anyone posts art or support stuff in this thread, please kindly flag it as off-topic (or send me a DM) so it can get moved to the right spot.


It is getting to where geonodes has it’s own culture even - I think it would be good to add another subforum - geometry nodes

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This has been covered. Nothing has changed.

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I have no idea if that warning was connected to my question about the dev of geo nodes but I will guess it’s not since my question is about the drop down lists in geo nodes modifier stack. Will they be ever there or not. Anyhow. The system you posted is not that I had in mind. I was thinking more of something like this:

It is planed to have dropdown as sockets


Oh yeah… Thanks for the reminder.

For those of you who might wonder why they have disappeared, I’ve moved two of my recent posts here:


Face Inset node group with even offset

face_inset_geo.blend (180.8 KB)


Is there going to be a tris to quads node?

Join faces as quad/ngon?

Great idea, there is a lot of cool tricks on this thread that are a bit lost, a cookbook is an awesome way to keep everything more accessible !
Well done !

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Thanks, I thought it would be a great way to organize concepts that are too small for a nodegroup presets, but too significant to throw away. I found myself forgetting such concepts and having to go back and search this thread every time I wanted to recreate them. (which proved to be very inefficient, given the messiness of this thread. )So I decided it would be a good idea to put them in writing, with easily searchable names.

Hey @higgsas, nice file, but I think we should listen to @Fweeb and keep the topic on development. Maybe you should consider moving it to a “community geometry nodes assets” topic? I know you have your own nodegroup thread, but it would be nice to have a potpourri of the latest community nodegroups in one place. Just a thought.


I don’t know, is this problematic ? I think all these ideas and proof of concepts are intimately tied to development, I don’t mind having a single thread where all these are available. If some specific setup gets a lot of traction and generates a lot of discussion then sure let’s split it into its own thread but right now I think it works well that way.

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Without getting into it too heavily and derailing the thread (if we do, we can make a new discussion elsewhere), but it is problematic because it makes things difficult to search and find. People often try to use an active thread to post this kind of thing because they feel that it gives them more exposure… but what it really does is make the discussion difficult to follow in the moment and it makes their specific thing difficult to find later.


I’m not sure about the assumption that people post in the “main” thread because it gives them exposure ? What I feel from taking part in the geometry nodes discussion is that activity is concentrated in a single place because then things don’t even need to be found -they’re just there, in the thread that you’re checking out every day or so. I wouldn’t like all these little gems being scattered in their own threads…, then I would have to actively search for them to even know that they exist. Maybe I’m assuming wrong but this doesn’t sound good to me. We have that bookmark functionality, we can use it to keep certain particular messages around if we find them to be valuable, that’s what I’ve been doing


We’re derailing. Please continue the discussion about posting in other threads here:

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