Geometry Nodes

This is a great idea. Moths do sort of follow a spirograph movement. There will be some noticeable patterns, but this can be easily fixed with some randomness added to the offset. Besides, with 30 moths flying around, who will be able to tell them apart? I will try this soon. This is a great starting point.

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Is it possible to control custom attributes in geometry nodes? I’m trying to randomly change the time offset on an alembic object. I created a custom attribute that I use as a driver for the offset. I need to randomize it now. I also tried to have another object to drive the offset, like location in X, but the geo node does move the object but if you look a the “real” location values, it didn’t move at all.

EDIT: So simple. All I had to do is to create an value node, copy the value as a driver and past it as a driver in the offset.

I think geometry nodes handles geometry level attributes rather than object level attributes. While it can change the location within the geometry, it can’t change the object location. When constraints nodes comes to blender, these object level attributes should be possible to edit.

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The ultimate goal is to instance a lot of alembic objects with different offsets in random. Like thousands of people running, you don’t want them all to be in sync. But I would prefer to do this in geo node as I distribute the guys because it needs to be per character. I’m not sure if this is possible right now.

The Convex Hull node just landed!


Woah! That changes everything! This means you can make a solid mesh out of a point cloud. It opens so many possibilities for modeling in geometry nodes.

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Geo nodes is an amazing addition to Blender. I’ve been mostly observing the development of the tech but recently began using it for simple and complex scattering systems. It’s just a treat to work with!

I knew it would change my workflow but didn’t know if it’ll be more difficult or easier. Turned out it’s easier to understand and use than I expected. At least for me. I think partially it’s because of good design choices. Things just make sense when you build tools with geo nodes.

I just hope devs are REALLY thinking about performance of geo nodes. My scenes are rather simple now with geo nodes but I expect people to build great environments/worlds with tons of geo and hope Blender can handle such scenes with relative ease. I don’t know what magic Houdini or Clarisse is using to make it possible to build huge scenes and not to blow up a workstation but I’m hoping Blender devs are aware of these techs and can make Blender stand strong in comparison. Not necessarily beat this competition in performance but show adequate performance for big scenes with tons of geo and instances.

Great job so far! Really happy to see that geo nodes are making Blender more powerful and easier to use.


With the new convex hull node, @Gemn"s privative toolkit is more powerful than ever, as you can generate a solid mesh from points.


Bezier Surface is finally actually a surface!!


Yeah, that will be very useful, especially for randomly distributing points on.

By the way, thank you so much for making the toolkit addon. I generally don’t buy addons if I can avoid it, but this one is so worth it for the price.

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finally getting my feet wet with geometry nodes. Loving it so far - but… it is crashing blender really really often. More often, whenever I forget to stop the playhead before changing something in the node tree - but other times too when things get more complex. And when I recover the autosave and recreate, what I’ve done before. everything is fine.

So my question is, what’s the best way to report those fuzzy bugs (moths?) ? :butterfly:

On the top toolbar press help>Report a Bug. This will take you to a page on your web browser where you can report the bug and also automatically copy what version of blender you’re using.

So far I’ve only reported the bugs I could reliably recreate. but here I can’t

Yeah, I don’t usually report random crash bugs. You can try making it crash and try isolating specific actions/settings that cause it to crash. Or you could just wait and see if it gets better. The code is actively under construction, so it will probably be more reliable once it is more complete.

Geometry noob here.
Any plans for a Multires node in future or a way to optimize display for the subdivide nodes? The performance becomes laggy once the subdivision is increased using the attribute sample texture node.
Currently using the default plane at about 8 subdivision levels and have to wait for 8-15 seconds for a new node to be added to the geo nodes editor or if a parameter of any of the nodes are tweaked.

This makes working with displacement maps somewhat problematic. I know it is still wip atm.

Also is there a way to use a channel from the attribute sample texture node? Tried using the seperate rgb node. Didn’t work.

Say you packed three height map into rgb channels. But I am guessing that isn’t the best approach. Would be better to work with 32 bit maps I am guessing. I am using 8bit maps currently to test.