Geometry Nodes

Oh, I just remembered. There is no instance attribute domain yet, so it is impossible to set attributes on instances. You’ll have to wait until they are in 3.1, or find a workaround.

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how can I rotate something around specific coordinates as center of rotation?

Haven’t checked what’s new in Geometry Nodes for some time. Anyone knows if Mapping or Texture Coordinates are going to be ported too, so we can map textures in Geo Nodes Editor?

On a positive side - we now have a substitute for procedural Medial Axis Transform:


I have nothing really substantial to add. I’m not a node wizard but I just love visiting this thread and gawking at all the marvelous creations. Please keep going; this is one of my favorite threads on BA. :star_struck:


Nice ! for coordinates, use the position input. For coordinates transform, vector math node has you covered.

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Thanks, that should be good enough for now. Oh, BTW @Hadriscus do you know if Displacement modifier is going to be ported to Geo Nodes?

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I don’t think it needs to. A simple displacement group is really easy now:


Huh? The SSS is behaving completely different in both scenarios. Anyone noticed this before?

Geometry Nodes Displacement:

Shader Displacement:


You might need to capture the distance earlier as it may be evaluating twice. Once for the set position and again for the group output. Spreadsheet can help here with checking the numbers being sent to the shader.

how working texture node with UVs? why only working on 0 to 1 by X and Y coordinates. apply all transforms

if I choose repeat how i can cotrol tiling value?

Use position piped into a wrap vector math node then piped into the texture coordinates (vector input).

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Hello! Could, please, somebody explain me how can I repeat this trick in GeoNodes (Blender 3.0)?

I mean affecting radius of curve point on size of instances. It looks like need too tricky math or something.


Thank you @Charlie. I tested it and it looks that this is not the case.
I removed SSS so there is only a diffuse material with 0.8 roughness. Then I rendered two versions, first with GN displacement and the second one with shader based displacement. The shading looks completely different, even then the distance is evaluated only once.

GN Displace

Shader Displace

Should this be reported or am I still doing something wrong?

ED: I can’t post more images and have some problems with server. Will add image diff and node setup later.

Might be too easy but i just looked into geometry nodes. I cant figure out how i move an object along a path. Instancing is easy to figure out but how do i move a cube from one end to the other?

Is this what you want? (The factor in the sample curve node controls the position along the curve)

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Ah thats great. Now i just need to figure out how to add random movement to rotation and so but that helps a lot.

EDIT: Random rotation is now based on the movement along the curve. Looks neat!

One more thing is missing because it should scale down when it reaches the end but that should be easy to figure out.

Thank you very much! It’s wonderful! This pushing me further) If I am correct now I can control first and last points. Could I get more control? I trying to figure out how can I control radius of every point.

UPD. I got it! It works if I switch boolean to “and”.


Thanks again, sir!

I’m not sure the issue in that case, might be worth making a bug report. Did you check the values in the spreadsheet?

Thanks, will report this with simplified scene.

The numbers looks the following:

And the diff for previous post:

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