Geometry occlusion maybe??

Hi there!
I was reading some papers on some techniques on game engines that prevent the pc from rendering parts that are not visible to the user when walking around in order to save rendering power.
My project is growing rather big (objects from maya and terrains after a lot of optimisation and textures still make the file around 45 MB :eek:) so I want the rendering time to be easy for the cpu and the graphics card.
Is something like that (called geometry occlusion) exists in Blender GE?
If yes where?
If no any suggestions of reducing rendering power?
Am I the only one that has created a .blend file of 45 MB???:confused:
I am counting on your enormous knowledge!!

The Game engine does this for you, there is nothing special for you.
Critical for the renderer are the number of faces the camera can see at the same time.

I have no idea how memory management is done within the Game engine. I don’t know were your 45 MByte are going to.

The term “geometry occlusion” is very general, and is not a specific method. occlusion is when somthing is blocked thats it. So what this means is that you would want to see if a polygon that is in your view is blocked by another polygon that is in front of it. Well this can create more overhead than you would like.

The most effective choice for you is to create a LOD system.

Thank you both!
How do I create an LOD system? I know what it is texture-wise only.

Use the decimator or other application to make 4 - 5 different versions of your models (this could be time consuming). Each version has a slightly lower polycount then the original while still maintaining reasonable detail at a distance. You write a python script to swap out these different meshes on your model, so when you are close to the object it is using its highest detail model, as you move far away the model begins to switch down to its lower poly versions.

LOD can also be done with terrains, but it is not at all the same proccess as above. If you would like LOD for your terrains (if they are very large) tell me and I will try and make a little demo vid for you.

i stink at python so is there a script already made?

by “geometry oclusion” I think you mean culling? it hides stuff offscreen to increase the framerate. just search the forums for culling scripts and see what you find

LOD can also be done with terrains, but it is not at all the same proccess as above. If you would like LOD for your terrains (if they are very large) tell me and I will try and make a little demo vid for you.

Yes I d love a small demo.

I have searched on culling scripts and I found many broken links.Can someone give me any?
I would still like to know whether 45 MB (.blend not exe) is rational and wether it is reduced down a lot when converted into exe.

Well, 45MB is a pretty big .blend. When you turn it into a .exe, it will get larger, so you might end up with a 50, maybe even 60 MB file.

That’s weird. I thought that converting to exe reduces the size…

Blackrose dude 45 mb is pretty F***ing big, even for a blend. Exactly how much vertex data do you have in that thing, and how big are your textures?

Textures are less than 20 kb each.
Models form Maya get a lot of space and I cant add decimate a lot of times cause the geometry is going crazy.
I deleted some things and now with all the necessary things i am at 30 mb.
Which is not that good cause I wanna add some ipos bla blah.

So I guess Blender is not for architectural walkthroughs…:frowning:

One more question : The same that I posted some weeks ago but all the answers, as rational as they seem, don’t work…
Is there maybe a problem with .OBJ files? :


How about this you send me your blend and all your assests, including your .mb/.ma files because I also have Maya. I will do anything within my ability to optimize its performance.Do not post it here! It would also be helpfull if you told me the specs of the machine your are trying this on or will be trying it on. The information that would be most helpfull is…
1: Your CPU’s manufacture and model.
2: Your GPU’s (video card) manufacture and model.
3: RAM you have installed on your system.

The first two are the most important. Also If you have a deadline then I need to know. I have several major projects right now, but I can get time in for you if I know when you would like it to be done. It would take me a minimum 5-7 days.

I sent you a private message with FTP upload details. If you are interested in my help then upload all your files to my server.