Geometry visible in alpha animated material

Hi there.
Hopefully somebody can help me here.
I have animated an object with a brick wall texture to first change layers (to the main layer) and then slowly change from transparent (or invisible) to completely opaque.
It’s working fine except some diagonal lines at the back and at the bottom of the object are visible during the transformation.
I tried making it smooth with an edge split mod but that unfortunately hasnt worked.
.png attached.
Any help would be massively helpful as it’s the last thing to do before rendering!
Cheers, Matt.


I also attach the .blend. (Without brick texture as its 37meg.)
Again, any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks, Matt.


SBC_46temp2.blend (483 KB)

Does anybody know what the problem is here?
I’m desperate! (And willing to beg.)
Thanks, Matt.

Panic over!
I’ve been a pratt. The lines are the other side of the UV unwrap, I didnt turn the layer off in GIMP before saving.
Yes, I am a muppet.
Cheers, Matt.