Geometrynodes Biome Logic

Build a biome logic with geometrynodes. Ridges/valleys, slopes, altitude and other plants affect the growth, heights and distribution of things. Rocks pile up in valleys etc…
Only thing I baked was Dirty vertex color (super fast) to get the curvature/pointiness for the rigdes and valleys.


This should go onto the release notes page for 2.93, it really shows how Geometry Nodes allows for far more advanced scattering in general than particles.

It is nice to see how it is allowing Blender users to make scenes that resemble something out of Vue (which was the most advanced terrain generator at one point, yet was very expensive).

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thanks. It has surely very fastly come nice and agile tool and waiting what the future will bring!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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