Geommunity Logo WIP

I’m working on this logo for a group called Geommunity. It doesn’t have to be WOW amazing, just nice looking. My artistic judgement fails me when it comes to symbolism, so I would like to hear what other logo designers would change about it.

Those things in the sky are my unresearched version of satellites because this group is related to the GPS-navigation sport geocaching.

it might be useful to know a little more about the geommunity RetroJ. Is it about satellite mapping for instance, or geography, geology etc etc. [edit] I just noticed that you explained something about the group, however I don’t know what all those terms mean[/edit]

At this stage I would suggest trying out lots of different ideas and themes.

comments on the picture you posted:

Unless satellites are a major part of the geommunity, I would keep it down to a single one. Otherwise it becomes too cluttered.

At the moment, with the camera angle, the satellites look either threatening or like birds. Its not clear what exactly.

The textured lettering looks cool - blue = oceans, seas, rivers perhaps but texture is more solid / rough surface

Look forward to seeing how it develops

Point taken about one satellite instead of three. You’re right on about how the three satellites create tension.

A quick explanation of what the group does. The game geocaching is a global hide and seek kind of game involving GPS technology. Someone hides a treasure and posts lat/lon coordinates and clues about how to find it, and other people seek it. So naturally, groups have sprung up all over the world to help to organize the playing of this game, and most of these groups have their own website with forum, chat, info about the game, &c. The Geommunity group was made so that all of these different regional groups can work together on things like developing GPS games, writing web software to expand and manage the games, as well as official type stuff that has to do with promoting the game with parks departments and public land managers.

I can’t think of any spot-on symbols to represent what the group does. Maybe I should toss the idea of a mascot to them :slight_smile:

Maybe having a satellite orbiting a compass would work?

maybe make the “o” a globe?

Or perhaps make part of the “g” a globe thing…

I would integrate the satillites into the word somehow as well. Maybe even an offroad vehicle or two–since you have a lot of “rock” and round-looking letters there…there’s still a lot of play you can do with this theme.


The word itself is paricularly planiar in orientation…there’s not much movement for the eye.

I would play a bit more with the kerning/sizing of the letters give it more movement at least.

Updates, git’yer updates!

I’m liking the idea of a truck. Geocachers tend to be Jeep nuts.

And rocks, I can see it in my mind and I like the idea. I’ll research (read: ask in general forum) how to how make good looking rocks.

A compass - Not seeing it right now but I will keep that in mind as this scene takes shape.

A globe - I think a globe would seem cliche. Plus I don’t want to change any of the letters into symbols themselves, for a couple of reasons. One, a general dislike for those sorts of designs, and two, because one of the challenges that I am mindful of with this design is that this word seems like it should have only one M. So I don’t want to use effects that would amplify the sensation of a misspelling.

Kerning and sizing of the letters - I’ll have to find an easy way to do that. The font here is based on Impact, but I have made some changes to it as a mesh, so it would be a lot of work to go back to the text tool. I will be thinking hard about how to increase the movement in this image because, you’re right, it’s pretty dead, even with this update.

how did you make the letters? easy of creating text and manipulating for me, is Elefont

could be nice to place a truck next to the word Geommunity. Maybe bring the satellite up front before the big Geo…?

Have fun with it


Here is my process for creating the letters, somewhat distilled of various effects that I experimented with.

  • Use ttf2pt1 to make a Type1 format version of the TTF font Impact.
  • Create text object “geommunity” and adjust properties to suit.
  • Convert text to mesh.
  • Adjust letters so that they all rest on a plane, and there is some space between each one.
  • Delete inner mesh of the letters and remake it by hand with all quads
  • Make a duplicate of the object (we’ll call it g_2, and the original g_1)
  • g_2: extrude to make a 3d object
  • g_2: Alt-SKEY (Shrink-Flatten) to make a thinner version of the font.
  • g_2: delete depth of this object. Only needed to be 3d for the Shrink operation
  • Join g_1 and g_2
  • Connect edges by hand with quads
  • Extrude the “back edge” to add more depth to the lettering.
  • “Make Edges”
  • Play with edge weight (Shift-EKEY or NKEY) to get desired crispness for subsurface.
  • Setsmooth and Subsurface
  • Mess with material and texture

I would welcome an easier way to do this, but remember I didn’t preplan it. I experimented as I went along.