Geonodes Capture Attribute breaks after boolean

I’m trying to create a wooden slatwall following a curve input, where I need a random color to drive random texture offsets. It appears to work nicely if the boolean mesh operator is muted - every board gets a random color. But with boolean running (doesn’t matter if I do it in geonodes or outside), the cut parts are completely messed up. How should I go about fixing this?

Managed to get it done, redoing it from scratch. One of my issues was I couldn’t “split out” attribute capturing in a parallel way for organizational purposes, attribute capturing had to be part of the main chain. Posting screenshots and result if someone else has use for this.
Geometry nodes to create a slatwall with backing using edges describing the wall at floor level:

Material nodes that is able to create and rotate a triplanar mapping for each “slat” based on instance rotation:


Not perfect, but good enough for my use. Can find ways to do triplanar mapping anywhere, as well as other more common methods of doing seamless texture blending than I use.


Oh never mind… It went completely bonkers after I did the boolean cut, geonode based or modifier based doesn’t matter.

Just the two additional major material node groups I’m using, for completion.