george the eye!

(rixtr66) #1

this is a character im working on,im trying to get some good dirty metal going,i took a rusted metal picture and altered it in photoshop made a bump map,and slapped er on.i used a halo and the unified renderer,still got a ways to go,the eye i made in photoshop.
tell me what you think so far.


(ec2) #2

The eye is great. I like the rust texture. Nice Blender & PS work.

(Idgas) #3

verrry cool i like the flesh look around the eye.

(Vanje) #4

The white of the eye is too pristine… give it some blood vessels or something! :wink:

(ndnchief) #5

I really like, soft flesh and metal, great mix, looks great, nice job. I really, really like it…


(harkyman) #6

I like’em too. Nice metal texture. Consider scale with the texture, though - if he’s a giant eye, like the size of a head, then it’s perfect. If he’s just a regular disembodied human eye, you might want to blow the metal texture up a bit.

I agree that the eye needs a source of liquid nourishment! Blood vessels!

(rixtr66) #7

thanx,as i said wip.but im workin on blood vessels,im just not having much luck:(ill get it though.still doin the casing too.


(S68) #8

Very cool,

may I suggest copper eyelashes :slight_smile: ?


(gryphon) #9

I love it. It’s got good lighting which brings out the bumpmapping just right.

There is one thing that looks a bit odd, however: There is a bit of a size discrepancy between the eyeball and the metal around it. The texture of the metal makes the ball look like it’s about the size of a basketball, but the texture of the eye makes it look normal eye-sized. I think that changing something in the material settings of the eyeball would solve that, but I’m not sure exactly what needs to be changed.

(Grizzly69) #10

Man! that looks good. It would make a spooky-cool wallpaper. But I would get paranoid, because the eye looks so real (minus the blood vessels).

(basse) #11

eeewwww :slight_smile:

I can’t stand it when people are staring (at me)… and this little guy, is, REALLY staring. … it looks like “eyeball kid” from tom waits’ mule variations -album… :o

anyways, it’s a great eye… just turn it looking the otherway :slight_smile:


(blengine) #12

oooooo, very cool! ::flashes back to days :wink: ::

flesh looks great, for the bump mapping on the metal, i cant really notcie it much, looks kind of like a low stucci…but just seems smooth

great eye texture! n great lighting to, awesome

(kaktuswasse) #13

cool, is the rust uv-textured?