george the eye!

this is a character im working on,im trying to get some good dirty metal going,i took a rusted metal picture and altered it in photoshop made a bump map,and slapped er on.i used a halo and the unified renderer,still got a ways to go,the eye i made in photoshop.
tell me what you think so far.


The eye is great. I like the rust texture. Nice Blender & PS work.

verrry cool i like the flesh look around the eye.

The white of the eye is too pristine… give it some blood vessels or something! :wink:

I really like, soft flesh and metal, great mix, looks great, nice job. I really, really like it…


I like’em too. Nice metal texture. Consider scale with the texture, though - if he’s a giant eye, like the size of a head, then it’s perfect. If he’s just a regular disembodied human eye, you might want to blow the metal texture up a bit.

I agree that the eye needs a source of liquid nourishment! Blood vessels!

thanx,as i said wip.but im workin on blood vessels,im just not having much luck:(ill get it though.still doin the casing too.


Very cool,

may I suggest copper eyelashes :slight_smile: ?


I love it. It’s got good lighting which brings out the bumpmapping just right.

There is one thing that looks a bit odd, however: There is a bit of a size discrepancy between the eyeball and the metal around it. The texture of the metal makes the ball look like it’s about the size of a basketball, but the texture of the eye makes it look normal eye-sized. I think that changing something in the material settings of the eyeball would solve that, but I’m not sure exactly what needs to be changed.

Man! that looks good. It would make a spooky-cool wallpaper. But I would get paranoid, because the eye looks so real (minus the blood vessels).

eeewwww :slight_smile:

I can’t stand it when people are staring (at me)… and this little guy, is, REALLY staring. … it looks like “eyeball kid” from tom waits’ mule variations -album… :o

anyways, it’s a great eye… just turn it looking the otherway :slight_smile:


oooooo, very cool! ::flashes back to days :wink: ::

flesh looks great, for the bump mapping on the metal, i cant really notcie it much, looks kind of like a low stucci…but just seems smooth

great eye texture! n great lighting to, awesome

cool, is the rust uv-textured?