Geoshitties sucks!


Hey, take a break from blender and look at this: (lets see how long geoshitties lets it stay on their server!)

please sign my guestbook too :slight_smile:



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that look you didn’t want me to give you!!!


or was it this one


they are free so i personally wouldn’t complain.
but hey what ever you want

Mr Angery man
AKA James

“just joking”
i don’t really have any opinion on it at all

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why are u using it?

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yes they do suck.

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you know who else sucks? that guy who runs the page that’s second in your list of links. ‘canada sucks’? screw that psycho shit!

by the way, you might wanna check out
get a free domain name that just links to your site. only one ad that’s totally unobtrusive and… pretty cool, my friend has a domain from them and his site has no problems.

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  1. 8)


50 meg
unmetered bandwidth

it’s what im putting BlenTips on!!!

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james you are very ignorent.

god DOES NOT hate anybody, except for satan.

it ain’t in the bible

geocities DOES NOT discriminate against age. it is illeagel for people under thirteen to sign up with out a parents’ approvel.

  • They unfairly and unreasonably remove pages without warning, and without even telling the author that the pages have been removed, regardless of the content.

  • Not only do they censor the content of their member’s sites UNREASONABLY

last time i checked geocities IS NOT A PART OF THE US GOVERNMENT. which means that they can do ANYHTING THEY like wioth there sites, when you accepted there liscense you said that they had the right to take down(and do anything they want to your account) your site whenever they please.


:x :x :x GEEZ the ignorance!!!

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I hate to admit it and get flamed, but James is right: Geo****ies sucks. One year ago, I tried to have a web site on there. I could only get the first page, the others didn’t work. I know, do something to make it work, but it’s just not worth it.

(Dittohead) #9

geosities does suck.

but james is either VERY ignorant or is just plain lying.

but don’t complain, just go with another service.

if you don’t go with geocities, they’ll crap out!!!

i mean you guys are making your selves look petty.

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The thing I don’t like about geocities and those other free services, is their priorities. They offer the free pages for their benefit, not the users. They get money through advertising and such that is in direct corelation to their user base which is in corelation to their traffic to certain areas, let alone per-site pop-up ads. That’s why I started the Iptic free page community. My priority is to give people a place to express themselves, let som ideas flow into the world that might have otherwise been hidden, and perhaps by the opportunity, help people to realize their interests. I know this isn’t a very good business model, but I feel with a large enough community, and some good organization, free speech and creativness will prevail.

The link to the free site form is here:

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hahaha very cool site, and very true… them punks deleted my old geocities blengine site twice… so i moved, wooooooooooo…

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Haha, oh man, you guys are taking this way too seriously… no offense…

As for the age discrimination thing, (I’ve never used geocities so I might be wrong) I think what James means is this: the law says that kids under 13 can’t sign up for things without parental consent… but many sites just don’t let kids under 13 sign up AT ALL. Again, I’ve never used Geocities, perhaps it’s not one of those sites. Tell me if I’m wrong about this.

Of course, the law is stupid anyway… but that’s an argument for another day.

Speaking of which, I’m turning 13 in a few hours. Woohoo.

runs away before he starts a flame war about youth rights

(CubeFan973) #13

Too late, WeirdHat. I think that many of the laws made by the government to protect kids are dumb and don’t work. For example, the MPAA ( is supposed to protect kids from seeing those R-rated films. This doesn’t work. In sixth grade, I’ve heard kids talking about “Scary Movie.” Eew. Unfortunately, they weren’t bashing on it.

Also, I hate school. They don’t let us drop out until we’re about 16. Today, I feel rather tired of school as usual and wish that I could be let out. I mean, come on, I’ve got all the skills (well, most of them, anyway) to start an animation company, but this can’t happen until I’m 18 or so, I have a degree in computers and such, and most likely have to have proof that I can animate well. Hello? WeirdHat, ValarKing, and I are each at least decent at CGI.

Also, I’d really like to have a job. Part-time, most likely, at least decent pay. Unfortunately, the only time I’ll have a chance is if I try for it in 9th grade with cooking classes under my belt, at the school cafeteria which I hate the food at. Why would I take cooking classes, just to have a 5-hour-a-week job that I’d hate, and which would only last for about a year, and get paid over $100 on a single paycheck? Actually, the last part would be the entire reason I’d try.

I know, the government makes these laws in order to protect kids. That doesn’t make sense at all. It’s the parnet’s job to protect kids, not the evil government. I mean, they banned the practice of bigamy and polygamy around the time that LDS were getting popular, thus stopping our practice of it. Stupid government pricks.

I’m not really able to explain it all, so go to and read.

(acasto) #14

I know, the government makes these laws in order to protect kids. That doesn’t make sense at all. It’s the parnet’s job to protect kids, not the evil government. I mean, they banned the practice of bigamy and polygamy around the time that LDS were getting popular, thus stopping our practice of it. Stupid government pricks

But the sad truth is, many parents simply don’t care what their children do. And as for the government intruding into the religion, what if there was a religion in the US that wanted to sacrifice people to volcanoes. Would they be ‘stupid government pricks’ for stopping that? Pure freedom is bad, it creates a breeding ground for chaos, and quite simply, does not work in modern society. There must be rules, their must be restrictions, or, to put it simply, everything will just go to hell in a handbasket.

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True, but LDS doesn’t kill people. It’s one of the Ten Commandments.

Just because we practiced bigamy/polygamy is probably why they banned it. If only 600 or so men tried that out of a population of 5,000,000,000, there are still people who don’t mind it.

True (I know of a girl who constantly swears, and she says her parents don’t care), but if so, that’s the parent’s decision. If they want to look at porn, let them look, just so long as they don’t go too far.

You’re right that without laws, we most likely would go insane and kill people, or just create chaos in general. Some laws make sense–Don’t cheat on your wife, Don’t kill–but laws like those I’m talking about are violations of the Constitution or the Amendments.

Bottom lines: We came to the US for freedom. That’s just what we want. Give us freedom or give us death. You have just about as much right to change laws of marriage around, or to make children unable to have sex if they want, well anyway, you have as much right to do that as the average guy on the street. True, you’re the government. But as in “The Majestic,” you’re fighting the First Amendment, which is the entire reason we’re here. You’re fighting the Constitution, which is everything we live for. If kids want to buy “Waking Life,” “Dazed & Confused,” or “Robocop,” the Constitution says they can. If someone wants to marry 3 girls at one time, they should have that right. But whenever general opinion hates that they might actually have a good point, a law or many laws are added to erase that right. That’s almost like saying, “I’m sorry, Mr. Yugegareva, but you’re not 19 yet, so you can’t buy books that have swearing.” His reply: "Come on, ‘The View From The Cherry Tree?’ It’s a kids book! Just because it has a cat named SOB, doesn’t make me uneligible to read the book!

Um, you know something? This thread is about GeoCrappies, not youth laws, so I’ll start another thread on this.