If Depardieu had to play Cyrano again today in 2022, it might look like this :slight_smile:


Very admiring of the quality of your kinetics as well as the behavior of the “cloth” of the jacket.

Hey! thanks a lot Jean-Pierre!

I love the cartoony look!

Thanks for taking the time to write it :wink:

I’m very new to blender trying to get into 3D animation. I was wondering, what hardware do you have, and how long did this take to render?

It’s a great idea to start 3d animation with blender!
The configuration of your machine is not the main thing, the animation work can be done on very simple objects, here my character is a lowpoly of about 3000 triangles.
The rendering can also be fast, in my case between 20 and 30 sec per frame with eevee.