Gerber Knife 1

Hello guys another subdiv knife, i kept simple the materials for now, but i went more complex on the modelling of the handle for example, and successfully got nice results in the shape and shading, and like this mastering again more these subdiv modelling techniques…

contact me if you are interested in any 3d art paid commissions like this or even more complex models, including texturing, even rigging and simple to intermediate animation if needed, i can make any hard surface model because i can deal with…

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more images of the wireframe here:

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thanks for the support and c&c!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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This looks great! I actually have that exact knife!

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Also it is missing the blade release on top, so if you want to sell it you mite want to add that. :slight_smile:

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awesome!! hmmm can you describe what it is lol…

Here is a video that shows the knife from all angles. the entire top edge is different from what you have shown.

If you are going to be charging premium prices for a model of a real item, you gotta get the details right.

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If you need any custom images I can get some for you :+1:

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thanks i will edit it when i have time tho…

PS: i lost the files of this model and no recovery from it at all and now i cant edit it anymore ._. oh well…

You have amazing shading and modelling skills! It looks super realistic! Perfect light, reflection and textures, I love it.

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Thanks for the compliment i appreciate that, here is something else i almost finished a few months ago Bosch Drill WIP

Really impressive, especially seeing the wireframes.

May I ask about the process for creating the handle? Was it sculpting/booleans at high polycounts, then remeshing? It’s very dense, yet clean topology.

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No remeshing, some voxel modelling for basic shape of the handle, and yep then retopologize it to create the handle mesh without cuts, apply subdivision if necessary to fit the density of the holes cutters to be used and then use boolean mod and apply them with security (nope no mistakes to go back to fix them, so i had to be really sure when applying them xd) and manually fix the bad topology from that and fix edge flow and density proportions with slide relax, relax filter, smooth brush in sculpt mode, and then apply shrinkwrap (using a copy of the handle without cuts and then apply when ready to fix bulges and shading issues as possible) and apply other subdiv level when that’s done and perhaps apply another shrinkwrap if needed because after resubdividing sometimes still may appear small bulges that are noticeable at close distance to the surface…

Also if you check this one i used the same voxel modelling and then advanced retopology workflow… Bosch Drill WIP

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Btw guys i am available for hard surface and character modelling, rigging and more 3d art related paid commissions, if you are interested feel free to contact me here or at my email (PM me for that)…

Some of my works


Great work, congrats.

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Gerber makes some nice knives. I have the fixed blade BG version. Looks great!

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