Gerber Knife 1

Hello guys another subdiv knife, i kept simple the materials for now, but i went more complex on the modelling of the handle for example, and successfully got nice results in the shape and shading, and like this mastering again more these subdiv modelling techniques…

contact me if you are interested in any 3d art paid commissions like this or even more complex models, including texturing, even rigging and simple to intermediate animation if needed, i can make any hard surface model because i can deal with…

also btw i am making paid live/recorded tutorials as well through Zoom teaching advanced modelling and more else related in blender 2.9, my rate is 15-25 $ usd p/H…

more images of the wireframe here:

also follow me if you like my work here:

thanks for the support and c&c!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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This looks great! I actually have that exact knife!

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Also it is missing the blade release on top, so if you want to sell it you mite want to add that. :slight_smile:

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awesome!! hmmm can you describe what it is lol…

Here is a video that shows the knife from all angles. the entire top edge is different from what you have shown.

If you are going to be charging premium prices for a model of a real item, you gotta get the details right.

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If you need any custom images I can get some for you :+1:

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thanks i will edit it when i have time tho…