Gerber knife model

hi everyone, i did this model of a Gerber knife, and i wanted to know if anyone could crit it, but only the modeling, the materials are not my creations XD, thx beforehand , here’s also the blend file if anyone wants to use it :slight_smile:


knife.blend (437 KB)

the handle is too smooth - there should be some sort of ridges to grab on

do you have some real pic of it to compare it ?

keep up the good work


i only have two pics, the thing is i’m not really sure about the exact model but its a gerber knife, it’s like a guardian II model i’ll post a pic of that modell also, but i’m not sure here’s the pic of both the knife i modelled and the gerber guardian II, if someone knows knives, can you help me determine the model of the knife to get more details please??, i’ll do some details i forgot to do like the grip lines at the begining of the handle, ok so another render with the lines XD, do you think the blade or the handle is bigger than it’s suposed to be i dont have another angle to see the blade or handle size


Here you go. Hope you don’t mind. I got it started for you. :slight_smile:

I saved some stages in layers. Basically what I was doing was cutting it up so that you can model it in symmetry or even in parts and then mirror. Faster that way. If you want you can take it further from what I started.

I think the handle could be a little thinner and there are some roundness issues on the handle too. If you did it for subsurf you could come up with some accurate depiction of the smoothness in the handle. I can help if you want.


RCknife.blend (464 KB)