Geriatric Game

(jrt) #1

Checkout my latest rendition. It’s an old fashioned game(like the designer I hear you say!)based on an old electric wire and hoop game, adapted and modified for the computer.

There are 3 levels. At first glance it may seem like a synch, but it’s extremely difficult, I challenge anyone to get through all 3 levels in one session. I particularly like level 3, especially with the sound on.

It’s in .blend format so anyone should be able to try it.

Download it here:-


PS. If skyshark reads this, there are some other games on my site if you want to try them, they may not be to your taste but you never know!

(jrt) #2

Forgot the most important bit, it’s called TubeLoop.


(Doc Holiday) #3

Nice Game, i like it. :smiley: But it’s hard to valuate the Distance. You should make a Shadow under the Ball, so You can see where You jumping.


(jrt) #4

Thanks for the comments Doc Holiday, though I think you must have downloaded one of my older games ‘Cloud Hopping’ by the sounds of it.
I did intend improving it but you know what it’s like. You get involved with a new project and all your good intentions are out the window.

Thanks again, jrt.

(Doc Holiday) #5

:o Uups! :o Now, i got th new one, and i like it too. It costs me some Nerves! :smiley: I would like a free moving Camera e.g. via Mouse. So, i think i would not be so much frustrated. :wink:
Keep on blending.

(jrt) #6

Thanks Doc, I guess that might be a good idea having a moveable camera. I have used this method in other games. I must admit when I made this one I didn’t think it would be that difficult and it never occurred to me that this would be necessary, but having played it a bit,
I can see the benefit.

The only problem I’ve found with this in the past is that some people don’t like the extra controls. It got a bit like that in my SpaceCity game. I thought it was great, but a lot of people couldn’t be bothered with it all. The way I look at it is, something like a mobile camera is only an extra option and you don’t have to use it.

So yes, I think I will incorporate your idea. Better not give it any collision detection though as anymore electric shocks could prove fatal! I must confess it makes me jump even when I’m expecting it.

Thanks again, jrt.

(Hirpo) #7

:slight_smile: Well made, but not quite my taste. the pool-game and all the other biljards-games were strange…

(saluk) #8

Sorry, I forgot to comment on this one jrt.

I really liked this one, it is the most fun to me of all you’re games. It’s hard, but I like hard games. Haven’t beaten it yet, but I’ll tell you when I do!

(jrt) #9

Thank’s for trying the games Skyshark. I don’t really expect my games to appeal to many younger guys, but you’ve got have a little variation in life or things get boring! I was wondering what you found strange about the Pool and Billiard games and it occoured to me from my days living in Canada that on that side of the Atlantic the Pool tables are blue, if that’s where you live then I guess the green would seem strange. Over here they’re mostly that colour. Actually I made 4 different coloured textures for a futuristic Pool game I was making. Perhaps I could give people a choice at the beginning of the game!

Saluk, thanks for the comments again. I think I may have made level 3 a little too hard. I made the tube twist in 2 directions and I don’t think it was neccessary. Most admit though the sound of the ball passing gives me a kick. I think the 3D sound in Blender is excellent.

Thank’s guys, jrt.

(wiseman303) #10

Are you sure? I live in western Canada, and all the pool tables I’ve seen are green.

(jrt) #11

Hi wiseman303, I lived near Toronto for about 4 years (mind you this was 20 years ago) Can’t say that I was really into Pool at the time but my brother and a couple of guys in the area had blue tables. so I guess I just assumed that must be the accepted colour. Obviously you should know better than me. I was just trying to rationalise as to why my games should be strange. Guess there must be some other reason in that case.

I don’t care anyway, I like playing them! HeHe!


(Pooba) #12

man, that is hard. i couldn’t get the first level, i don’t like the camera views, you need on ethat’s right behind the ring.
Cool though.

(jrt) #13

Thanks Pooba, Doc Holiday wanted a remote camera that you could move about. I tried your Roller game and couldn’t get through the first level either. I think I need a handbrake on the ball!

Cheers jrt.

(Hirpo) #14

Actually, our pool tables are also green. :-? But the thing was, that when i tried to hit the ball, the stick went trough it, and when i used reverse, then it hit the ball. Maybe it´s beacuse my old piece of sh*t (my computer) is too slow (only 850 Mhz.) Anyways, that´s it!

(jrt) #15

Thanks for coming back Shyshark. I had a bit of trouble myself with the cue going through the ball at first, but since I made it jump to the ball (R/Ctrl) it seems to have virtually disappeared. It seems that the positioning is better and now it only occurs once in several games. Unfortunately until we get a better collision detection system I don’t know of any way of curing it. What I usually suggest people do if that happens is press R/Ctrl again and re-take the shot, that way the cue doesn’t collide with the ball on the return.

Thanks again, jrt.

(jrt) #16

Uups!! Sorry Skyshark I’m rewriting your nickname. Must get some new glasses!


(Yamyam) #17

I think this is one of the great games that used really 3D design. :slight_smile:
Hard for me too, but I think this probrem will be solved with camera action.

(jrt) #18

Thanks Yamyam, I don’t quite understand what you mean ‘with camera action’ though. Perhaps you could explain what you had in mind. Nice to hear from you.