German bread rolls

(Oli.H) #1

Six high quality, high realistic photoscanned models of German Bread Rolls. Models were scanned from up to 90 images per model. All sides sca nned (Agisoft Photoscan), cleaned (ZBrush), textured (Substance Designer) and rendered in Blender/Cycles.
All shown images are raw renders with Cycles and HDRi lightning. No postwork!

For more information please see here:

Hope you like it! - Bon appetit !!!

(Lutz Rohlfing) #2

Hi Oli.H,

really nice work, it looks extremly realistic. There is nothing where I would say that it needs to be improved.

(rjshae) #3

I agree with schiffan, although some crumbs on the surface might add to the realism.

(C_Campbell) #4

I think it needs to be eaten.

(alf0) #5

nice , amazing work man !!!