German Castle

Hi everyone
First of all I’ve to say I’m working with Blender for about 10 month and that’s my first thread.

I hope some of you like it and maybe it’s a inspiration for other people to recreate historical buildings in Blender.

That’s the castle close where I live in germany and my project is a mix between how it looks today and a historical picture.

Cycles 1000 samples
Distance between camera and castle main entrance, approximately 200 meters.

Cycles 2000 samples

Cycles 1000 samples

I’ll put these project on ice for a while because my laptop is running on the limit :slight_smile:

If you are interested in how the castle looks today

and there’s a historical picture.

BTW, thanks to Andrew Price for the sky.hdr that I’ve downloaded at one of his tutorials.

Sorry for my poor english.

nice!!! i first thought it was the castle in schwetzingen, but the pond was not right, lol, checking your reference i see its karlsruhe :slight_smile: hey, we almost had been neighbors, now i do live much further north though… anyway, enough chatty :slight_smile: i really like your work, doing realistic outdoorscenes with an intricate architecture, is really something i admire. well done! and, welcome to blender artists forum, i see its your first post! i am looking forward to more of your work!

Very impressive work, uwewo.

This is really great…I’d love to see how you did the grounds…

Welcome to the site, and a really beautiful job on this impressive scene.

Thanks for the comments… I’m glad to see that you like it.

Maybe I should put more details on later… for example statues like the one from Doris :slight_smile:
But at the moment with 30 million of grass blades for the four grass planes around the fountains, a lot of leaves for hedges and trees… my laptop didn’t like to render :slight_smile:

@Doris, yes we almost had been neighbors…Schwetzingen is really close.

I’d love to know a couple things if you don’t mind… were the fountain sprays added in post or are these particles? The other thing that really has my curiosity is on the last render, In the fountain closest to the camera, it almost appears like you were able to displace the water to kind of match how the spray is hitting the water along with the rippling… what method did you use to accomplish that?

Again, you really did a wonderful job on this.

The fountains are created with particles and they really hit the surface of the water…to achieve these I used Dynamic Paint with a surface type of waves. For the motion of the water drops I ticked Motion Blur with a shutter value of 0.6 on the render settings.

Everything is 100% Blender except the sky and there’s no compositing…I must confess that my experience with the compositor after 10 month Blender isn’t good enough.

Holy Crap! That looks great!

That looks super great, especially for only 10 months experience. I’ve been at this a month ad I can make a cube.

Only thing I would mention on this is everything looks too perfect. I read about this in a book that said if everything is too good it makes the viewer uneasy. In this picture there is not a single brown spot on the grass or a rain stain on the concrete, it’s just too perfect to seem real. But excellent work though.

Looks great indeed. Like the details very much.

But I must agree with Ryeath - it’s all to perfect. It is not about dirt I think, but more about randominess. For example the way to the fountan at the first Image. In my option one can see a pattern in there. Maybe use more procedural Textures?

But even with this it looks super cool :smiley:

Nice model of this building.

yes, german castles of that period do look that clean an perfect, even the grass … lol…i say from experience, as i lived near a very similar one and visited that over a period of time almost every day… only in autumn there were sometimes a few leaves flowing around., in this sense, i think a representation could not be trueer than what uwe did…

very neat work,if you want, try to vary color of grass and also better trees and shrubs.i like the fountain!