German Courses

Does anyone know where i could get FREE FULL German courses online. google is a great lot of help.

A good start would be Blendpolis. I am not quite sure about your Google remark. Is it sarcastic? Otherwise try, probably you have to select “Show in german” or such (grmpf, if I enter a different top level domain, why would I wan to redirected to my home Google?!?).

Edit: Oh, off-topic forum… do you mean german language courses?

yes i mean i want to learn the language. oh and this means sarcastic (well it does to all my english teachers).

Google kann Ihr Freund sein.,2142,2547,00.html (and,2142,9572,00.html )

Both of those pages have a variety of learning tools, from beginner and intermediate coursework to supplemental learning materal.

And here’s a link to the Google search that found these: Not that hard if you pick good search terms. :slight_smile:


There is also that one.

After reading the introduction and a few sample chapters I would strongly dissuade from this one. Get a professional one or better do a “live” course. To learn a language you have to speak and use it. Do things you would do for fun just in the other language (like reading a book or writing and reading in internet forums).

I think the Blendpolis recommendation is really a good one. Learning languages is “A question of exposure”. So expose yourself. And if you can’t travel to any german speaking area, being a blenderhead, come to Blendpolis. There you know, at least, what the people are talking about. Use this advantage and start learning now. Los geht’s!:yes:

Google kann nie ihr freund sein!(can never be your friend. by the way. if you didn’t know. i suppose.) No offense, but google is not that great, actually many search engines are not. At least not for me.

Ich gehe zum UVM dann

Yikes, did something get lost in the translation? Hmmm, languages are fun.

Wow, how can you delete a message?

Try this one, with english explanations, you can read every chapter as pdf and you also can hear the lessons as MP3