german freeware paint program now in english

if you are looking for a good freeware paint program

its available in german and now in english also - its close in its
UI to photoshop and special dedicated to painting and drawing.
so give it a try

Looks great, more like Painter than Photoshop. Small download too.

the UI does bear a striking resemblance to corel.

very annoying, it changes my tablet settings to map across both displays, not just my primary one

the 4x5 graphire just isn’t big enough for two displays

doesn’t seem like a bad app though

@_@ WOOOOO!!! This app is total awsome, it so like painter and just want I need!

I just wish it didn’t put my tabelt to scrooll acroos the whole screen my tabelt is small as it is…

Very nice painting application, but I still prefer Artrage.


I,ve downloaded the apps, after installation process was done, run it, and this apps crashed with no apparent reason…
I’ve reinstalled again, but the same thing keeps happend…

Anyone have the same experience ?

Specs: Pentium 4 1,7Gh 384 M RAM, with 64 M video memory (NVIDIA)

Yes, it seems to be very unstable on my PC (W98) also. I noticed that when using my tablet (non wacom), it appeared to crash more often then when using only the mouse for drawing.

A new version has, apparently, been released. Get it here.

awsome It left me use my tablet settings!!! ^_- now I domt have to work with my 4x6 with my entire screen weeee!

for the longest time i’ve been searching for a free alternative to painter or photoshop… and suddenly i now have 2! anybody done any comparisons between this and deep paint (the free 2d version)?

deep paint lets you paint depth… and specularity and all sorts of fun stuff

this doesn’t, but it has a bunch of other cool tools…

I’ll have to get the version which will work with my tablet
[then learn to draw…]