German keyboard and the characters "[" and "]

(karsten) #1


I wanted to start with python programming and wondered how I can use the characters “[” and “]” with a german keyboard.

Someone can help me with that or anyone uses an external editor for python programming?

(hweihe) #2

Strange! It seems indeed not to be possible…

When writing python programs I normally use an external editor and load the file to blender.

(Schlops) #3

Yupp, that’s the best way. Syntax-highlighting, auto-indention, all characters and so on. Just use an external editor. Im not sure, but you can reopen your script in the text-window with CTRL-R.

(hweihe) #4

Oh! Really! Didn’t know that. Thanks! :smiley:

(karsten) #5

Thanks for your quick reply.

I will use an external editor now, but it would be nice if I could edit the text in Blender itself, so if anyone knows how to make it please write it here. Otherwise it would be a good thing for one of the new Blender versions.

(AN][ARES) #6

alt + 91 = [
alt + 93 = ]

(hweihe) #7

Normal schon. In Blender aber leider nicht. :frowning:

(Schlops) #8

BTW which system? Everything works fine here under MDK 8.2, every key is working in the text-window.

(karsten) #9

I am using Windows XP.