Gero "The Oracle"

EDIT: Revised and updated version 2024

Hi :grinning:. I made a sculpture for class homework. I used Zbrush for sculpting and blender for shading, rendering and composing (the bokeh effect). Hope you like.

The character also has a backstory:

  • “Gero is a half-Elf, son of a warrior worthy of legends and a high Elf possessing “The Oracle Orama”. He inherited from his parents a great agility, wisdom and magic that allow him to evaluate future probabilities and thus control any situation, abilities enhanced with the Oracle-mask inherited from his mother, with which he adopted the name “Augurus”. Due to the sudden disappearance of his parents, the protectors of his world, and the stalking of dark forces, Gero has to leave to gather allies capable of facing the approaching threat, facing his fears and discovering little by little his abilities, with which he is determined to find his parents.”

I also started experimenting NPR in davinci resolve fusion… with composition !!! The input was a render in workbench (I already said it, experimenting) and the result was this:

  • original:

  • The result:


Great work, congrats.

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Thank you :grinning:

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