Gert De Roost - Car Sketchbook

After a short post in finished projects with almost no views, I will now create this sketchbook as a means of showing my growing collection of totally original car designs modeled entirely in Blender using old fashioned Subd vertex pushing. The renders shown in this thread are mostly clickable SketchFab links. I am open to cooperate on serious projects requiring the design of exclusive cars. I am aiming to do “car esthetics” design, so bodywork beauty. My designs could very well not be practically achievable as a real car.

“The Giano”, Cycles render.

“The Tormelino” on sketchfab.

“The Grinta” on sketchfab.

“The Giano” on sketchfab.

“The Destriero” on sketchfab.

“The Garra” on sketchfab.

“The Ariete” on sketchfab.

“The Pralina” on sketchfab.

“The Minion” - homage to the Mini Cooper, got the idea from the IAAD scholarship 2019 contest, but I’m too old to participate (44 years on the counter!).

Been finetuning the Pralina design. View in 3D in post above.

EDIT: finetuning continues… Sketchfab post above closely follows latest developments.

Some screens. Eevee.

Been finetuning the Grinta design. View in 3D in post above.

Some screens. Cycles.

Been changing the Garra design. View in 3D in post above.

Some screens. Cycles.

Reworking the Giano, one hour of work resulting in quite the metamorphis. (3D version in post above)

I am getting quite good at this!

Some Cycles renders.
EDIT: new render with new canopy.

And been reworking the Tormelino too! Its rework week! Finally realising the potential of my designs.

3D above.

Cycles screen here:

New design. Gioco (‘toy’ in Italian) is focusing on friendliness, simpleness. A car thats genuinely happy to drive you around. And no, he can’t speak. :grin:

Sketchfab view (click to view in 3D):