Gert De Roost - Character Sketchbook

Eary duck.

Evil battyboy.


Greetings, my name is bluem.

These are dope!! I love the consistency of your work

Thank you, archo! I hadn’t even noticed how consistent they all are indeed, great remark.
I thoroughly enjoy inventing all those little creatures, really. Mastering low-poly + subdivision modeling of characters is a great experience.

Here’s another thats just slightly less consistent than the rest, cause I did some quick texture paint dabbling on it. Nothing much at all, but something I would maybe like to get better at.

I’ve got myself a monthly subscription to try out Substance Painter. Trying to get into that texturing stuff some more. I’ve been retexturing the guy of the previous post. Mostly using the bundled materials.

The characters here look decent, but as others have pointed out, the quality is very consistent. Unfortunately there isn’t much noticable improvement in your artwork, and while consistency can be great in some cases, it’s probably not something you want your artwork to be, seeing as you’re still learning. I’d recommend that you:

  1. Try out different modeling styles

  2. Try modelling different things using reference. Whether that be a photo, a real-life object, or concept art is up to you, but I’d recommend trying all of them

  3. Try sketching ideas before modelling them. Don’t worry if it’s low quality. Sometimes drawing things lets you experiment more with different features, proportions ECT. Without having to worry about topology

  4. Branch out and try modelling things besides characters. You might find something you enjoy more

  5. This advice is more specific, but try modeling your characters in an A pose, then modifying their pose later using a rig. This will ensure the pose isn’t too stiff and will give you more flexibility when posing it

  6. Most importantly, keep practicing.

Over all, I see a lot of potential in your work and these are just my thoughts on how you could go about improving it.

Hello here Rhen, I am glad you have taken the time to give me some pointers. Have to mention though this thread to me is mostly (as the section name goes) sketchbook of mainly tiny character ideas. Although I have been doing a little little sculpting lately, I’m mainly a low-poly subd boxmodeler guy and I feel quite confident in that matter already. So while I am of course always learning, I feel quite accomplished in this matter, pointing out again that the most important phase in my work is coming up with something new creature-wise and totally not technical accomplishment (which is also why I seldom make any posing rigs at all, except for maybe the duck character; I just don’t go all the way trying to create interesting poses). And that I would have accomplished a certain “style” of my own is something I most certainly embrace. Working by reference is how I started out in Blender (oh, the days…) working from photographs mainly doing animals, faces, figures… But in working out original conceptual ideas from the top of my head has been the most fun I ever had in modeling. Sketching? Of course, many people work like that, but must admit I’m not much of a sketcher at all. Pity. And yeah, of course I do stuff outside of this character snippets, for those interested you could always check my Behance page.

But then, Rhen, surely not wasted words, as more people will read them, and I might take up a bit more of sculpting and sketching as a result of them. Thank you for taking the time, again.

Another fantasm that has risen from the innards of geometry: