gesture grab gone?

in 2.49 and below when click and move the mouse(or in my case pen) it is the same as hitting the ‘g’ key. this seems to be gone in the 2.5 builds i have tested.
you can also rotate with this method but i rarely did.
i’m finding it very hard to get used to constantly pushing the g key. but it seems sometimes when i select an object it goes straight into grab mode, which isn’t comfortable either.
is this the new way or can it be changed? is the gesture system totally removed?

is the gesture system totally removed?

We can but hope… my impression was that there was alot of support for making the gestures optional. Personally, I just don’t want them, but turning them off is good enough for me.

2.5 is still a Work in progress, give it some time, and they say they are going to add all the old features.

I use a tablet most of the time, and I really like the gestures, It makes so I dont have to lean over my tablet and hold keys.

bit of an odd reply BTolputt. why hope a feature used by many would be removed?

Commander Taco. yeah, i hope thats the case. i’m leaning towards not using any 2.5 builds until the official release but i don’t want to get left behind.

there is alot to (re)learn but it can be hard to know what is just the way its going to be and what has just not been re-implemented yet.
patience is a virtue i sometimes lack

bit of an odd reply BTolputt. why hope a feature used by many would be removed?

Quite simply because when it kicks in for users who DON’T like or know about the feature (new users, mouse users, people that simply don’t like gestures) - it is a real pain in the ass. If you actually read my response, you will note I mention an option to turn it off would be good enough for me.

Not every interface decision made by the “Powers That Be” (a.k.a. the core developers) is liked by everyone or even a majority of users. If we can change the mouse clicks, keyboard short-cuts, etc - why not enable the removing of gestures?

I also miss these… (though I found them extremely alien when first using blender, they are now extremely familiar and useful!

it’s un-clear whether they will return or not… there’s some gesture settings in the keymap editor,but I’ve not played with those as yet///it seems they’re for assigning a directional move to a command.

EDIT; the following needs to be done in the 3dview, 3d view globals section of the keymap editor /EDIT

You can do the “translate” gesture by setting “transform.translate” to tweak “left mouse” (or action mouse should you choose) (although i am enjoying box select on lmb tweak!)

as for rotate and scale… less used, but still nice, though not do-able in the current system.

With the tweak event, you can also assign a direction, so you could have upward for grab, left and right for rotate and scale and downward for something.


I meant can’t be done with the same gestures as before…
Yes, that’ll take some getting used to!

the old gesture shapes seemed symbolic, but I guess the new system is closer to what tablet users get from “pen flicks” systems.

i miss that too!

but i think when you add a primitive it goes auto into a sort of edit mode where you can change the different vars for the primitive which is also nice i guess

but if you add the widget you can move it with the widget i guess with no Grab key !
it’s not equivalent to what we had before but can more or less replace it !

happy 2.5