get along better with girls or guys?

Depending on the person, most women are easy to talk to, but very hard to understand, and very hard to get them to really talk to you. I dunno. I have a few female friends, But most of my friends are guys, its a lot easier to relate. Especially say you have a female friend who just broke up with their boyfriend, wow, thats a wierd situation… And Its funny in my java class it was half women, I guess small towns like this are full of g33k ch1x… Unfortunately they arent h077.

The friend train sux, but only if you really want to be on the relationship train… In which case you’re screw3d… but the friend train is cool, as long as you’re not wanting more than that.

i could kinda understand what you said but whats h077?

Mean hot(t) in kiddie leet.

What I’m wondering about, where are the female readers of this forum? Nothing to say about this?

The female reader already posted.

If the person is intelligent- I get along better with her if she’s a girl.

If not, a guy.

Sadly, this seems to be a universal truth. :frowning: My school’s full of geek/nerd chicks with an anime fixation that are not only not hot, but annoying as hell. And as a result of the lack of male attention, over half of them are now lesbians. It’s just downright gross, really. I can see why girls gag when they see the classic geeky guy.

Heh I know a super hot nerd chick with an anime fixation. Not a lesbian either. :smiley:

I don’t care anymore how they look, anime obsessions are HUGE turnoffs. Period.

I get along fine with both of them. Right now, I’m closer to my best friend (a guy) than anyone else. And he’s closest to his girlfriend.

Someday I’ll get a girlfriend and then a wife (maybe lucky and get both on the first try eh?) and she’ll be my closest friend.

Pretty simple eh? Not in reality however. Just the concept is simple.

I think it depends on what you have in common… and whether one can discuss issues without sounding like a moron… unless of course, one is discussing matters with another moron.

I have trouble talking to either, but at least when I talk to other males my brain doesn’t turn to mush.

Reminds me of Snoopy, in the role of “Joe Cool,” saying, “We Joe Cools are scared to death of chicks!” He knew what he was talking about!

I am inclined to agree with you on this viewpoint.

I am inclined to agree with you on this viewpoint.


I am inclined to agree with you on this viewpoint.[/quote]
And I am inclined to disagree with you on this viewpoint. Period.


Hah hah Sago. Seriously though, my girlfriend loves anime and it doesn’t bother me one bit. She also loves video games and is interested in 3d and 2d artwork. So in the words of Ron White “When they get ugly of old age they can get plastic surgery but you can’t ever fix stupid” So either way, the inside of the person counts a lot more. (I still am not going to date an ugly chick, hah hah)

I get along with both equally, more girls look up to me (younger girls, I’m 21 they ages are 13-17) and think I’m like a big brother to them, I tlak pretty easly to both sexes though, but I do as the Bible says and go to a guy friend for accountability and counsil.

For your sake, keep reading that bible :stuck_out_tongue:

How is a interest in Anime a turn off ? Anime seems to turn me on most of the time.

By the way, I see lots of hot chicks at a Anime club and what makes them ugly ? Is it there glasses or the way they wear there hair ? Just cause they dress ugly or nerdy, doesn’t mean that they aren’t attractive.

Yes, I am quite skilled with the ladies Al Capone. I’m known as the Fallstown heartbreaker, they named a soccer team and a season of mud football after me.
Who can resist this?

yeah dude anime obsessions are a definate no, i loath anime people, although i do like some anime, and jackblack thats a damn sexy picture!


Oh my goodness.