Get away minimalistic home in the mountains

Hello everybody, i recently started the architecture academy and decided after the second module to do a personal project with what i learned. So here it is, just for your information i was going for a minimalistic look.
constructive criticism is welcome :slight_smile:

I love minimalist style and this looks amazing! Keep going.

Thanks Legender i will, still have to finish the other 8 modules of the architecture academy :slight_smile:

Hate to say it, especially since I haven’t nailed it yet, either, but t5he bump mapping is too deep.

Love the grass though.

I think you mean the house wall right, you could be right :slight_smile:

Looks good, but the environment is totally off and doesn’t belong to the house.

I mean I just can’t image this house standing in these mountains.

Yes i know what you mean, the idea was to make it like a mountain get away place, but i think you might be right