Get Beziar Curve Data

Hello all,

I’m trying to write something that’ll take the data that describes a Beziar Curve and save it to a text file, i’ve gotten my Curve object but dir() has revealed that it has many methods, I don’t know which ones to go for.

Thanks in advance.

Do you want the handles of the curve or the points that define the curve (as in if you converted the curve to a mesh)?

Everything that you would use to describe a line and how it’s curved, warts and all. I need to recreate the Bezier Curve in another application.

Actually Bezier Curves are not Blender specific but a general method for interpolating given points. Maybe you should search the web for the basic theory behind them (like here ) and then implement an algorithm using that information. There are even some implementations found on the net, so…

I know very well bezier curves are not blender specific, that’s the point. I’m using blender as a level designer for a game i am writing which is in a different language (C#), the player will follow a bezier curve, there is an algorythm already in place in my game for the bezier curve it just needs data, the curve is being designed in blender, so i will need to extract the data that descibes the bezier curve.