Get Blenders .avi to play ok on Windows Media Player?

I’m a newbie with about 3 weeks experience and like Blender a lot. One problem (which the documentation warns about) is that Blenders .avi files do not play right in WindowsMediaPlayer (WMP). My .avi animations play a little jerky in WMP but look great in Quicktime and ATI File Player. I tried various fixes: re-rendering the .avi file with Quicktime made a bigger file that looks better. but with one artefact (a slight ghost image trailing one object for a couple of seconds). I also tried using Ulead VS6 to re-render both .avi files in .mpg and .wmv (since WMP really excels in giving much better output with smaller .wmv files than Quicktime can do with .mov files), but the problem persisted.

Has anyone got a solution (short of $600 for Adobe Premiere which might not work anyway) to making .avi files and .wmv files for end users who use WMP?


Just render to DivX codec. Windows media player, the latest one anyway, works fine with the DivX codec.

Go to and DL the plaer and codecs.


the reason windows media player stutters on blender’s avi files is because it is stupid

seriously, it tires to load the ENTIRE FILE, quicktime probably only loads the frames it can handle. If it also loads everything it must be doing it in a more efficent manner.

well, to create avi files that windoze media player can play you must use something other than avi raw, avi jpeg may work but divx should work too (as mentioned above)

the problem is that this will leave artifacts, which can be annoying

… and of an interesting note, if you want blender’s anim playback window without having to start blender and load your file you can use the command

blender -a filename

(at a command prompt or from a shortcut)

where filename is the first frame or the avi filename.

Thanks very much to both for your help and thanks for the extra tip.