get characters eye to follow along

I’m building a practise character with one eye, and a roughly t-rex shaped body. The eye is a separate object, with a track-to constraint, telling it to look at the Eye bone of the bodies armature.

It works, but what are the ways of making sure the eye moves when the head does? When I parent it to the body it drops down to knee level for some reason.


Heres the link that helped me:

Except that didn’t work perfectly for this model - the eye kept jumping out of place when I parented it to the head bone. The fix seems to be to extrude another bone, from the ehad bone into the eye. The in object mode, snap the cursor to the eye. The in armature edit mode snap the tip of the new cone to the cursor. Parent the eye to the new EyeBone.

Basically, to follow along the eye has to be parented to something that already is.