Get it?

A very good concept! i allready love it! :smiley:
tho id add a wine bottle and a two glasses there to.

Felix, I’d thought of adding something to make the site look a little more used, but that’s been quite a while ago and I haven’t gotten around to it yet. A kite flying in the background was my 1st thought. Well, actually second… the original had people, but it was hand drawn (I hate modeling organics hence the trees from l-system). Here’s my original, btw:

o its a heart, now i feel stupid

now i feel stupid

Not really what I was going for but it’s better than nothing I guess?

heheeh… naah its good :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice scene, but a photographer would have to toss a negative with that much lens-flare. Bump it down so that the sun is blocked by the trunk of the tree.

I think that the shot would work just as well without the flare. The business of putting strong direct-sun highlights on the rim of the tallgrass is a good one.

The visual “joke” of the heart-shape is a good one and should be slightly emphasized. Having two lovers facing away from camera, maybe lying on the blanket, holding hands etc, would be a touch worth considering.

Veeeery nice concept, reminds me of pictures I saw lately on the same theme… I remember I had thought “that’d be nice to do that in blender” :wink:
Great !

I think the trees are on a picnic?

Thanks for the compliments!

sundial: The flare was put there to add something to the otherwise sparse… that and at some point I saw this as a sort of Pixar-esque cartoon that pans by and catches a flare. Also, have a look at the 3rd post - my original had people, just hate modeling them. Maybe I’ll whip out some Makehuman on it just to bust up Framedworld’s perception.

tinuvielle: When I first drew this in 2000 I wondered if it was original… have you seen something like it? Send a link if you saw something similar online and remember where.

Framedworld: Yes. See, they’re sharing an apple :wink:

Having thought some more I remember starting the 3D version with hopes of photorealism, but the trees from l-system that finally made a suitable heart looked more like butterflies on a stick towards the top.

Awww… how cute… Boy and Girl apple tree sharing an apple, ready to drop it into my basket. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I was thinking of this picture, and also a famous one by Salvador Dali which depaints a room with a red sofa and pictures hanging from the walls, the whole picture has the shape of a woman’s head. I can’t remember its name, maybe “The Mae West Sofa”.
I don’t know of pictures representing a heart though.