Get movie out of sequencer?


Hi I imported a mp3 sound strip into Blender’s video editor and I also added the scene to it.
If I hit ‘render animation’ I get only the visual scene into the movie file, the sound is not in.
So how can I get all my stripe setting including sound into the output video file?

Thanks for any help!

If you’re using 2.5x the audio is not muxed by default into the container.
In the render tab, go to the output panel and select a movie type (e.g. xvid, mpeg, h.264), and then in the enconding panel which will be activated select the video codec and make sure you also select an audio codec as none are enabled by default. From that point on proceed with rendering as usual and (hopefully) you’ll get a movie file with audio. Unless of course you select an audio codec or sampling rate/bitrate which is not supported by the container format, in which case playback will be problematic.

Wouldnt it be great if there was a table to see which ffmpeg cominations work for audio muxing! Or you can use the presets.

I wouldn’t mind creating such a table. However, there are problems.
Firstly, sometimes even presents do not work for reasons which are beyond me. Some players can play back the rendered videos while others cannot. Thus what is a “legitimate” combination of video and audio data can be quite an esoteric issue.
Secondly, with the constant changes in the ffmpeg libraries there is no guarantee that such a table will not be outdated in no time. So I’m not sure it’s worth the time investment. I definately agree with you though that such a table might come in handy.
See for example the containers/video & audio codecs supported by vlc:

A reference table like that (with more details obviously) might be very handy indeed.