Get non connected Sensor

Is it possible to get a sensor that is not connected to a running module?

I’ve searched through the API but maybe I missed something.

Something like this below maybe?

cont = bge.logic.getController['Controller_Name']

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Never mind, I solved my problem with a different approach.

Marking the thread as solved, although I still don’t know if you can get a sensor that is not connected to a python module controller.

Look up KX_GameObject

Why would you want to access other sensors?

Hi Monster, I guess I don’t need to access other sensors. I think I must have fallen into the trap of trying to do most things from one master module (Or multiple modules from the same script). I’m new to using modules and I guess a lot of the confusion lies with this.

Normally I don’t use logic bricks if I can avoid them, but my understanding is there is no real replacement for the collision sensor in equivalent python code.

In the end I used a Collision sensor logic bricks to control a property actuator, with which I could refer to in my script. This worked fine but had a limitation.

However I’ve been looking at the KX_GameObject reference and noticed the ‘sensors’ part. I had difficulty previously refering to this but now I think I have figured out how to implement what I need in my setup, thanks again for pointing me back to this. It seems most of my problems are solved with this. However I have a new problem, which I will probably post in a new thread.