Get Number of Messages

basically, i need to know how to make an object tell how many of the same message it is receiving in one logic tic.

because if an object has a message sensor, and that object reveives that same message more than once in a single logic tic, it will only activate the actuator it is attached to once.

say an object receives a message x number of times in a logic tic. i would like to know if there is a way to check how many times that message has been received in that tic, so i can get that number (x) in python and multiply it by the number in the property actuator it is attached to, so it will work like i would like.

i doubt this is possible, but i was just wondering if it is.

Not sure if I get what you’re asking but…

Maybe you could make a property that increases by 1 everytime it receives the specified message. Then if you want an actuator activated multiple times based on the number of messages received, just set the logic bricks up to subtract 1 everytime the actuator is activated, and stop when the property = 0.

Its really hard to explain…
I was asking if a message sensor is receiving multiple messages, if there was a way (in python) to tell how many of that message it was receiving.

im really starting to doubt this is possible, but I think I have figured out a workaround using multiple properties and using python to add them together into a main one.


Returns an int displaying the number of messages received since the last frame.


If you don’t already use this:

use it for reference.

Just note that that’s from 2.34, or appears to be.

I heard that this one is kept current:
BGE Python API

OH thats cool. i didn’t think that was possible
so i just do this?