get out object fron another object.

hi eveybody,
i want to get out object from another object, but i don’t find the way to do it…
i have already try whith shape key… but not ok…
i want that my object come progressive/build from the over object around an axis, a little like the modifer build but not with the build face… more like growing…
hope yo will understand what i want to mean.
let me show you a picture to show that i want to do.
thanks reading.

The easiest way would probably be to use a curve modifier. Add lots of loop cuts to your object, add a bezier curve in the shape you want your object to bend and then add a curve modifier to your object.

Then move the cursor to the top of your object and change the pivot point to cursor. Now if you scale yor object along the Z-axis it will grow and follow the shape of the curve.

What you are looking for is Blender array modifier animation. You can animate the quantity of array over time along a curve to simulate object getting longer.

In addition, you can put different geometry at the beginning and end of array. Look for Start and End cap field in Array modifier.

of course!!!
now i use as you have sayed to me a bezier curve and i move the size of my object on Z axis… and it is good!