'Get out of dodge!' Car animation

Hi all, here is my second attempt at putting together a car animation. Critique is welcome and appreciated.
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Nice feeling of weight shifting.

Thanks, I used the blender game engine for the main car and a rigged version for the other two.

beautiful. after ramming the wall, no scratches or damages on the car it must be super strong.


Wow. @Datseen very beautiful and admirable :angel::smiley:


Was this 100% made in Blender and if not is it possible to create this or something similar 100% in Blender?

Very nice movement and feel. A strong price indeed. Some improvements I feel could pop up things,
The beginning mist is too strong in density and colours.
The car needs some damage through its course I feel.
Also there could be tyre skid marks that could add to the realism of the scene.

How did you animate the camera? What lenses choices did you make? What references were used?
do share some of these Details if you can. Would love to know.

Thanks for the nice comment @Ricky3 This was 100% blender.

@AKB Thanks for the comments. Agree with your assessment.
The fog in the beginning was meant to be a bit lighter and the headlights were supposed to be brighter. I wanted the headlights to be the first thing you would see when the car emerged from the fog. The effect didnt’ translate. Volumetrics and indirect lighting was difficult. Especially when i added other lights (street lights, environment light) The headlights lost it’s strength and I couldn’t get the right look, and sort of gave up after a while and kept what you see today.

Damage to the car was both a technical knowledge limitation on my part(haven’t learned soft body collisions yet)and a creative decision. Originally the car was supposed to jump through a large cloth that would tear. I wasn’t able to achieve that, so i opted for the wall.
Same with skid marks, I knew i needed them, but because of the way i setup my scene, everything in one large scene file, any time i added dynamic paint, my computer would just crawl. I should have broken this into several scenes so it would be a lot easier to work with.

Camera animation was done a few ways but nothing complicated with camera rigs or anything. Most of the time it was a tracking modifier that i would tweak when necessary, or hand animated with keyframes. For lens choices I just stuck to choosing what fit the particular shot. When the camera is close or on the car, i went really wide 8mm-10mm. Further shots i used a longer lens 70mm-95mm with a shallow depth of field.

For the car animation itself i used the blender game engine for the main car and “performed” the entire drive while recording. The other two cars are using a rig and cloth suspension sim following a path

As for references, I didn’t really have one. Though Albin Merle who is a VFX artists has been my inspiration point to make these animations. You can see his work here https://www.youtube.com/user/albin3010

For my next video i want to integrate, smoke, soft body collisions and dynamic paint. All of which should add to the realism a bit more.

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Thank you @Datseen. Lovely and very inspiring animation it is. :smiley: