Get out of object view+fill

Hi all!!

I’m very new to Blender. I have doing ot for more than 2 hours and I can speak english. :slight_smile:
My question is, how can I switch back to edit mode after I did everything with the camera? I really can’t find it. I think Blender is amazing. Quite easy to use and professional as I saw the images that you created. Wov… some of them is very realistic.
My 2nd question: I created a gear from a tube but it was flat so I wanted to dubliccate it (shift+d) and make its size smaller. I could do that, but I cant fill the space between them. How can I do this?
And one more thing: When I create an abject, eg a cuge, I can give a name (instance in flash) to it. Later when I deselected everything how can I select only the wanted object? I know these are very basic things but I cannot find the answer on the net. Pls help me out.

Welcome to the Blender forums!
I’m not sure about the other things that you’re asking…
but you don’t need to copy the object(shift+d)
all you need to do is select the object, enter edit mode(tab),
select all vertices(a), then hit the E key for extrude. Select region out the menu that pops up, and move the new vertices to a new location.
Was that too confusing?
Let me know if it does what you want it to do…

This exactly what I wanted.
Now, I would be glad If cou could tell me, how to select the 2nd object that was created by duplication.
Now, the things look like in the rendered picture.

I solved it. :slight_smile:
But the extrude does not work. Or at leas not properly. I would like to make the wall of the tube thicker. I tryid to extrude but it was really very ugly.Any other ideas how I could make it thicker?

In edit mode, select all vertices(a), then hit the e key. Before doing anything else hit the left mouse button. Now, hit the S key for size and scale down the inside vertices again. As a last step, press Control+n to recalculate the surface of the object. If it still doesn’t look quite right, press control+n again.(and maybe again)
About filling in vertices, use the F key to fill quads(shapes made of four polys)
or shift+f to fill in the whole face.
Does any of that help you? I will gladly make some pictures to show you what I mean, if you want…

I think I know what you’re saying. I don’t know what the axis’s are, but assuming that looking frm the front, that horizontal is the X axis and vertical is the Z axis, the what you want to do is select whichever object you want, go into edit mode, select all verticies, the press: S(for scale) then while holding shift, press y(this will scale the object in only the x and z axis’s)

Cool… I created my first 3D object. In my own special way… Would u like to see it? By the way… Does any of the games use graphics that were created by Blender?

And again… I cant get bach to edit mode after entering object mode. The other modes disappears… How can I get back? I know it is a surface related question.

the modes disappeared when you selected the camera? if so the you need to select your object again(there are no other modes for the camera)

Yes… You must be true. :slight_smile: And it’s working… I have created a something of the … US Army… That looks:
I used the extrude staff…