Get Post-Deform Modifier Vertex Position

I’m trying to figure out a way to set the base position of a vertex so that the position after an armature modifier (for a posed mesh) is a certain value. I think I’ll be able to jury rig something if I could just find the way to get the coordinates of a given vertex after the modifier takes effect. Enabling the Edit Mode and On Cage options for the modifier will show the vertex in the post-modifier position in the viewport when you’re in Edit Mode, but is there any way at all to get those coordinates via script.

I suppose I could just use the script to apply the modifier, get the post-modifier coords for all the vertices, then run bpy.ops.ed.undo(), but it feels like there should be a better way.

geometry nodes can get that postion, maybe theres a way to exploit it

Get the evaluated version of the mesh through the depsgraph.


dg = bpy.context.evaluated_depsgraph_get()
evaled = target_object.evaluated_get(dg)
mesh =

What is the type of ‘mesh’ in mesh =
It doesn’t seem to be an array with integer indices like

Actually you probably want to get the mesh from evaled.to_mesh() or I don’t recall the context of the example I gave before and I don’t have machine on hand to check.
See the last few examples on the page I linked.

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mesh2 = evaled.to_mesh().vertices seems to be working well. Thanks!