get rid of link duplicate

how can i get rid if this duplciate link object on the right

see pic


“Link and Materials” --> ME:object. On the right there is a small number. Click on it and select “single user”

that did not work !

now i open a new file and append the object

and when i wehent to F9 i saw there was a mirror applied to it
so i remove it and it work

the only prolbem i could not see the mirror modifier in the first file ?

any idea why i cold not see this miror modifier ?


I think the modifier’s are applied at the object level, not the mesh.
so maybe you had the mirror on the original duplicate?
You can also join it to another mesh. (Ctrl-J)

ok but then i want to get rid of this mirror too and use it somehwere else

but don’t see the mirror in F9

so where can i get rid of it ?

i can upload a sample file if you need to

but when i copy it inot another file i can see the mirror why ?