"get rid of the pink" link wanted

Does anybody still have a working link to the tutorial about getting rid of the pink? The ones I’ve tried so far are all dead. THX.


well anway, what you need to do is go into face select mode [f key in object mode], select your faces, open an image window, then load and select your image

to apply properties to selected faces [like making them light sensitive], you need to press the button in the face buttons panel in the edit buttons when in face select mode [for example the light button], and then press the copy drawmode button to copy the selected flags [light, tex,…] to the selected faces.

but also check out:


The pink I’m trying to get rid of must be another kind of pink :-?

It turns up when I remove a UV image from an object when I want to use plain vertex-painting instead (when I press P though the pink is gone)

Try this: add a cube, go to face select mode, add a uv image to the faces, then remove the image (press the X button that says: Deletes link to this Datablock). Result, a pink cube… when in fact I’d like to see the vertex-painted colors.

Select all the pink faces in face select mode, press W, and click on “Clr Tex”.

Thx PlantPerson, what you said did the trick. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe one day I’ll know something about Blender too??

when faces are flagged as textured, but do not have a texture assigned, they appear that way

some people have used this effect to work around bugs in blender. For example, say you want to simulate the glow [in a cone shape] coming from a lamp by some vertex painted mesh in add mode. It turns out that unless the tex button is pressed [regardless of a texture acutally being assigned] the mesh will not appear in add mode.