Get rid of triangles in Cycles shading

In a mechanical model I have these annoying triangles showing up. I know they are technically present on any quad that isn’t perfectly flat - but if set to smooth the model becomes too smooth.

Flat Shading (has ugly triangles)

Smooth Shading (too smooth; edge detail is lost)

Is there a way to strictly shade quads as quads in Cycles?
(Something like the shading in Object Mode)

Only use planar faces or use smooth shading + Autosmooth (set angle) or edge/split modifier (set angle or mark edges as sharp)

Edge Split by angle worked well in this case. Thank you!

By the way, I couldn’t find “Autosmooth”. Didn’t see anything by this name in the Blender Manual, nor in the list of modifiers.
I’d like to learn about it. Could you please drop me a clue where to look?


You can find autosmooth in object data tab under normals.

Take care.

Hey, thanks Vandorius!

Actually it’s under the Mesh tab, but anyway I found it thanks to you.

Posting a screen shot for anyone else who comes upon this thread.

Auto Smooth is so useful! One of those “I can’t believe I didn’t know about this” features.