Get some

Inspired by two tutorials on BlenderGuru, Please let me know what you think. I am deliberatly not stating what feel i was going for in the picture, since i want honest opinions.

Please criticise or compliment , depending on what your thoughts are, thanks :slight_smile:


you have to work on your light setup, now it looks 2d .
except that very nice .

I Agree it looks 2D,

try adding some depth of field, focusing on the can, the text should still be readable even if its blurry

the soft reflection on the ground looks great!

I would try some other angles to fix composition, but thats just trial and error for me honestly. overall its a good job technically speaking, just needs artsy shit on it :smiley:

OK so i tried to change the camera positioning and DOF to see if it would make for a better scene. Please let me know what you think?
PS personally i like the original :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the second one better personally. The main thing that’s bothering me though is the lens distortion. (I think) The can seems warped somehow. Do you have Lens Distortion enabled?

Great scene though. Texture on the floor looks great.

Fair enough, the second one is starting to grow on me too. I do have a slight lens distortion enabled on both pictures actually i think that it is just more noticeable on the first image. I dont notice as much in the second though.

Thanks for the comments mate

The render looks nice, but the Coca Cola mapping for the can looks UPSIDE DOWN. The can is right side up…the labeling not. (it seems to me)

Keep at it! Great start!