Get to the FLAG to WIN

Hey everyone. This is a game WIP that I’d like some feedback on. The objective is to just get to the flag on the mountain. It’s as simple as that…

The standard W, A, S, and D controls with the spacebar to jump and standard mouse controls. Oh… press the shift key while pressing the “W” key to run!

I still need to create an intro screen and something at the end for a “winning” move. Here are a couple of screen shots.

Thanks goes to Social and the group who put the FPS template together as I used the camera and first person rig in this game!

Thanks for playing! Anim!


Screenshots look good!

Hey, the game looks pretty decent except I can’t play it because the frame rate is too low on my computer.

I recommend you don’t use such a large resolution because its going to lower the frame rate.

Also, I did manage to see something that needs fixing. The edges of the water are square and its not a good look, try rounding them out a bit.

The house in one of the screen shots you posted looks weird because it uses the same texture for everything.


Thank you for the feedback tb1alexc and Andrew. I see what you are talking about on the edges of the river Andrew. I will see what I can do to cut some of those edges out.

On the topic of FPS… I really need some help here. I pretty much created this game with a goal to keep the models very simple with a low poly count (which actually explains some of the sharp parts on the rivers shore). However, I do have some pretty large sized textures that I’ve used. So here is the question… what eats up FPS more… large size textures or high poly counts. If I have to concetrate on keeping one at bay which one should it be? Does game logic come into play or is that generally too low to worry about?

“Get to the Flag” has a total of 10,700 faces. Would this be considered too much for a game? Average? How high can I go before some systems will struggle running it?

Also, now I’m curious as to how many machines can actually run this game. Are there specifications posted anywhere showing the scale of approximately what can be expected on what type of machine? Can anyone run my game with decent FPS? If you do happen to download this game and give it a try, please post a quick reply and let me know how it performed and what system you ran it on if it’s not too much trouble.

Thanks again tb and andrew…


Edit: I’ve posted an 800 x 600 resolution version:

how do we get up there I have no idea lol.


Nice game i realy enjoyed playing it.

I think large textures eat up more frames then the poly count, your poly count seems pretty decent though, so if I were to guess I’d say the resolution and full screen mode (not 100% sure) were your biggest enemies.

could you post the .blend for people on macs or linux. looks really cool though

edit: if you don’t want to try to find someone with a mac and pm it to them so they can post a .app

behold! A newbie, and his project… As a good newbie he is, he created a possible game by his skills… And yes… it´s pretty good too.
Some things u could do to improve the game is: The texture, use more texture, not reuse one texture for the whole house. The other stuff is great, so far I can see…
This is a common newbie-thing to do… I use to handle texture pretty bad then I was a nub.
Funny though I started out with FPS-games first time I started to develop games in 3d.
In that time, I used 3dgamestudio.

What I didn´t know since then is that A simple sprite that are good textured is much better than a highpoly fully 3dmodell with bad texture. The texture do leik 70-80% of the graphics.

Yes… U remind me of myself for about 3-4 years ago.

I think everyone starts with a fps, lol.

Hey… thanks everyone for the nice comments :smiley:

@JesusFrk14: Did you ever figure out how to win? :slight_smile:

@Lauris: Thanks!

@Kkewley: I will post the blend once I get closer to finishing the game. It’s still a bit rough around the edges. It plays all the way through but there are several things I’d like to do with it still…

@Mr_Yeahman: Thank you for the kind words as well. For the textures comment I was actually using the same texture all over the shack because I was trying to achieve the old weathered look. Have a look at the these shots… this is what I was trying to accomplish. Notice the broken window in the shed in my game too… all for the same effect.

I hope to add an intro screen and a couple of other items before maybe even going to another level.

Thanks again everyone for the nice comments…



Na, I didnt. I did see a key, is that important?

Yep… grab the key and go unlock the old shack door… that’s your clue for now…

How do I grab it?!

Just put the mouse cursor over the key and left click your mouse. That should do it :yes:

I got that everyting, but then I get stuck (cant go on)

K… once you have the key you can open the door in the little shack. There’s something in there you need to pick up just like the key. Then you need to figure out where that gets placed… :spin:

Yeah, but I clicked both things that look like they could do anything and nothing happens.

Yay, It was to easy… but amusing! You need to fix the texture on the flag (make it double-sided) and make it so you can only click hte button on the blimp thingy once, when I got to the top, I pressed the button on the blimp and it restarted its action. Great job!

What are those shacks? They seem like they got hit by a 9.5 earthquake