get up while smiling


I want to do a small experiment with you

have anyone got up of sleep thinking of something? i mean before with a day you plan on
[i will get up and smile! ] , I did…

and the next day you do it !! in the first second of getting up you find yourself getting up smiling with a big smile ?

it happened with me, this isn’t something i was told on the internet or anywhere…
so let’s do this together as an experiment!

I woke up with a smile… and something else…


It’s weird, I once said that to myself. Not necessary wake up with a smile, but wake up being happy :smiley: I only tried it once without giving much thought… Kind of like, tomorrow will be a good day, and I’ll wake up happy…


It’s against me to get up smiling, unless there’s cake in the house… >> <<

Good morning is an oxymoron.

I couldn’t remember… though I got up at 4AM today for no reason. I’ll try again tomorrow.

No matter what I do I always wake up with the biggest frown anyone has ever seen, even if I’m happy hahah.

I will try this :stuck_out_tongue: maybe work on a few other suggestions like

I will wake up and I will no longer be allergic to the cupboard beside the computer >.>

lol, Tic. I should try: I will wake up and not feeling like murdering whatever woke me up, even if it means not throwing my phone at the wall to shut it up.

@RedJay - LOL :slight_smile:

well, I completely forgot to try this…I didn’t wake up with a smile, but I wasn’t frowning either…more of a neutral face :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll try and remember to try it…

Trying to join the bus of 6.30 AM every day is never funny, so it didn’t work for me.
Nevertheless, my fellow students asked me why I was smiling during Calculus this day…

It worked, but a bit too late :smiley:

i tried to re-do it, but it didn’t happend again with me! :frowning:
you have to not have a major idea that covers this idea :slight_smile:

…lol. @3d"g" hang in there - it has to work!

I am interested in this idea and will try to wake up with a smile if tonight the mosquito stop nagging around me.