Get works GPU Render support on Linux Mint

As you read in the title, is there anyone who got Cycles works with Linux Mint or another Linux distro?
If yes please let me know, i hate windows and i don’t want to use windows only for rendering! Thanks

Many linux user use cycles, me too.
You need the latest driver from nvidia, the nvidia toolkit 4.0 and a new nvidia GPU (Compute Capability > 1.3).

The 4.1 toolkit is buggy and slows down cycles. The 4.2 is on the way.
Take the latest build from buildbot:

Cheers, mib.

Thanks for your reply,

My graphic card is GT555M so compute capability 2.1. i think it’s OK
i am doxnloading (i use Linux Mint 12)
I will post here the result

Thank you very much Mib. It works perfectly, finally i can delete windows :slight_smile:


Cheers, mib.