Get your face in 3D

This was on a Terragen mailing list and I thought it might be interesting to a lot of people here:

Slightly OT, but I think this will appeal to Terragen/computer-
graphics types. :slight_smile:

My lab at the University of Houston is producing a database of 3-D
textured face models for use in face-recognition research. This
Thursday and Friday (the 29th and 30th), we’re open to the public to
anyone who wants to participate (18 and older only).

The cool part is, we send all participants the data we acquire for
them, which consists of a texture-mapped model of the front of the
head which can be manipulated in most web browsers with VRML support.
For the modeling-inclined, I’m sure it would be possible to make an
amazingly lifelike avatar for your favorite first-person shooter.
(And, just so this isn’t COMPLETELY offtopic, I’m sure you could
combine the data with SOPack in interesting ways. :wink:

More information is available here:

and here:

Anyone interested should reply offlist with questions. :slight_smile:

–Sean O’Malley

The individual’s email address is:
[email protected]

Man, I’d do it, but it’s all the way in Houstin and I’m in Stillwater, OK.

Maybe it’d be worth the drive though…