Get your FREE Blender Publisher 2.25

Ton has released the 2.25 version of blender and now ALL can enjoy its advantages and disadvantages :smiley: Go to and download it. The release also comes complete with the plug-in and user documentation that can answer some of your development questions. Oh yeah, did I mention that it came with the FMOD sound system :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah!

Get the release and mke great stuff. S_W, this one goes out to you! Peace.

Thankyou man! :stuck_out_tongue: This is GREAT! I just started with blender and to hear something like this is a life saver…:D…You should post this in the main board so everyone will hear about this :smiley:

Thanks again :smiley:

Yes, it’s cool that Blender is finally free for all! :stuck_out_tongue:

Already working on a little utility that can change the icon of a Publisher .exe… :wink: